Welcome to our interactive International Phonetic Association (IPA) chart website! Clicking on the IPA symbols on our charts will allow you to listen to their sounds and see vocal-organ movements imaged with ultrasound, MRI, or in animated form. To find out more about how our IPA charts were made, click on the buttons on the left-hand side of this page.

The website contains two main resources:

  • An introduction to UTI, MRI vocal tract imaging techniques and information about the production of the articulatory animations.

You can find UTI films with lip video for the production of single words and connected speech for a range of world-wide English accents, on our sister website, Dynamic Dialects.

Creation of this resource

This online resource is a product of the collaboration between researchers at six Scottish Universities: the University of Glasgow, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, the University of Strathclyde, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen. The resource provides teachers and students of practical Phonetics with ultrasound tongue imaging (UTI) and lip video of speech, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) video of speech, and 2D midsagittal head animations based on MRI and UTI data.

We are very grateful to Sharynne McLeod, Sadanand Singh and Plural Publishing for allowing us to share the title of their book, Seeing Speech, which we recommend, along with their book Speech Sounds, as a very useful tool for the student of phonetics.

How to refer to this resource:

Lawson, E., J. Stuart-Smith, J. M. Scobbie, S. Nakai (2018). Seeing Speech: an articulatory web resource for the study of Phonetics. University of Glasgow. Accessed 12th July 2024.

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