The International Phonetic Alphabet (revised to 2005)

There are two MRI viewing options for both charts: MRI 1 and MRI 2.

  • MRI 1 was recorded in 2014 at Edinburgh Imaging Facility Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI), with a frame rate of 7.5fps. Each file has been overdubbed with “clean” audio, recorded in a recording studio.
  • MRI 2 was recorded in 2022-2023 at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh (RIE), with a frame rate of 6.25fps and a 70% increase in image resolution, compared to MRI 1. Audio for the MRI 2 files was recorded in the MRI machine using an optical microphone and post-hoc noise cancelling. We aim to replace the MRI 2 audio with clean audio in the near future.

Other Symbols

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ʍVoiceless labial-velar fricativeɕʑAlveolo-palatal fricatives (left) voiced, (right) voiceless
wVoiced labial-velar approximantɺVoiced alveolar lateral flap
ɥVoiced labial-palatal approximantɧSimultaneous
ʜVoiceless epiglottal fricativet͜s k͡pAffricates and double articulations can be represented by two symbols joined by a tie bar if necessary which can be above or below the symbols. (Available only in MRI formats.)

ʢVoiced epiglottal fricativePostalveolar affricates. Available only in MRI 2 and animation. N.B. these items do not appear in the original IPA Other Symbols chart.
ʡEpiglottal plosive

Charts reprinted with permission from The International Phonetic Association

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